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The Jiaxing City Located at the East Coast and the Tai Lake side ,The distance to Shanghai and Hangzhou is about 90km and to Suzhou 70km .The geographic Location is very superior It is always been called the country of rice and fish It truely reflects the word ¡°the su Hang are the paradise on the earth . ¡±
The folkways here are pure and haspitable. There is a deep cultural inside information in this city . Mang famous persons were borned here .For example .there were the masters of Chinese national culture . Wang Guowei . and his teacher .shen Cenzhi . There were the master of modern literature . Mao Dun and the famous artist . Feng Zikai. There were the New Moon group poet . Xu Zhimo . the modern gifted scholar. Li shuton and the great master of modern literature Ba Jing and the famous swordsman Fiction writer . Jin Yon was also borned here .
The Music Space Time Electronic Technology Co ., LTD was just borned in This area . We deeply felt that the duty is very heavy here .Only doing more better . More precise and more remarkable.could we satisfy the customers of the so many Music lovers c Our best wishes are making the first class products to enrich the people¡¯s Spare time of life .

Li Kejian