The JXMST company is located at Jiangnan famous city, Jiaxing, which is always thinked as the economic advanced, famous person birth, and deep cultural inside information of the city. The company is formed by a group of professional experts who ardently love music and Hi Fi. They devot themselves to development, manufacturing, and sale of the high grade tube audio system.

Based on the experience of the sale of the high fidelity audio equipments and use for reference of the overseas classical circuit of the tube amplifier, they developed the Music Space Time series tube amplifiers. These products are accepted by the market because of the graceful and elegant outshape, ingenious and natural craft, the wide sound field, accurate sound point, lingering charm, pure and transparent tone, and the reasonable price.

The Music Space Time series products adopt high grade components with reasonable collecation to form the sound character. We also meticulously select the work point in every circuit class to make the sound information flowing unimpededly. we also through scientifically and strictly editing the tune ,So all the MST series products have these sound characteristics, balanced, magnificent, full, soft, smooth, transparent, and can be listened for long time.

Now this series has over a dozen of products. There are integrated stereo amplifier, preamplifier, power amplifier, headphone amplifier, aluminium ribbon supper tweeter, AC power filter, and cables in the range.

The Jiaxing Music Space Time Tube Power Amplifier Company was set up in 2002. With the help of the experts from Chinese Institute of Electronics and the Acoustical Society of China, we have achieved our first target of Spending Two Years to Do a Good Job of Sound, Two Years to Do a Good Job of Quality, and Two Years Craft, the six years¡¯ fighting target. Now the MST series products have got on the higher steps in crat, safe, specifications, quality, and the practical sense of listening. The ratio of keeping in repair is from 20% to less 2% at present. Some parts of the specifications have reached the first class of the world¡¯s standard. Especially the invention of the FOCUS-836 ( which can be used over 30 kinds of models of tubes), the multi-functional integrated stereo amplifier, fill the gap of the audio industry.

In the process of sale and manufacturing, the company had been forming a set of enterprise management system, including material examination, making craft, products examination, ageing, and customer files, etc. Depending on these system, the company is developing steadily. Our products have been recommended by many Hi Fi magazines, including High Fidelity, AV Front Line, AV State of the Art, New Audiophile, Overview of Consumer Appliance, and Hongkong Audiotechnique, so as the websites of and We will be continuously throughing hard work of research and development to manufacture more excellent and more advanced audio equipments. Let music enter into your life. Let your life become more brilliant!

The JXMST company is always believing the faith of honesty. We take the customers¡¯ interest as the first, and take the quality of the products as the enterprise¡¯s life. The service is strengened at the sale before, middle, and after to dismiss your trouble back at home.