Overall Improvement on Power Amplifier of Music Space Time [Tang Daoji]

Zhejiang Province Jiaxing City is a place with outstanding people, abundant resource and deep cultural foundation. There are a number of music and audio fans there. Music Space Time Power Amplifier Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is thus established and grows under such circumstances.

Recently I had a chance to visit Music Space Time and found further improvements on their popular products with higher fulfillment and better sound, which is worthy of recommendation in such a depressing market. There are few people who really know audio technology and love it deeply in the audio industry. Mr Li from Music Space Time is a serious and persistent specialist with professional technique and deep love for the products. He selects components carefully, forms circuit scientifically and constantly explore and improve to manufacture machines, which may be the biggest secret of its being recognized by the market soon.

Integrated amplifiers of Music Space Time are classified by the type of power output electronic tubes. MK and WE are two newly launched types. MK is the version of ordinary improvement while WE is the advanced version. WE advanced not only uses imported electronic tube and aluminum-magnesium alloy case but also applies components with higher capability in its key part, such as M-CAP advanced coupling capacitor from German, RS power switch from U.K, high-end ALPS volume potentiometer. According to the audition of two versions, we find WE advanced is much better than MK in sound performance.

Music Space Time has archives for each complete machine out of the company, including machine code, record of key components and record of technical parameters before and after aging. Such records are important to users since the company can provide new component of same capability in accordance with the archive, especially the power electronic tube in case of any damaged component. That in some extent prolongs the time of users to enjoy good capability and is also a guarantee measure for after-sale services.

In respect of appearance, craft and capability, we are impressed by Music Space Time and its reliable quality. According to the inspection of circuit formation and production process of each type of machine for batch production, improvements on complete machines in the technical aspect are analyzed as follows:

The first improvement is time-delay supply of high-pressure power. The cathode of electronic tube is not heated completely since high-pressure power will cause damage to the cathode of electronic tube and reduce its life, especially for the power amplifier. So high-pressure power rectified by semi-conductor diode and time repeater are applied with an aim to delay power supply of high pressure and prolong the life of electronic tube. All newly launched power amplifiers of Music Space Time adopt 30-second repeater to delay the time of high-pressure power supply.

The second improvement is optimized power amplifier. Multi-electrode power amplifier has higher internal resistance. If there is no negative feedback, the damping parameter is only between 0.11 and 0.17. If there is 20dB loop negative feedback, the damping parameter of the whole machine is still low even though the internal resistance can be reduced greatly. Control over low frequency relay of loudspeakers is not agreeable and that is common weakness of general electronic tube power amplifier. Since more loop negative feedback will cause transient response, reduction of anode resistance can only be realized in way of multiple negative feedback of power output stage. Music Space Time has optimized the negative feedback of output stage in its power amplifiers launched at the end of March so that the damping parameter is increased, sound of low frequency is much clearer and the timbre is greatly improved.

The third improvement is further optimization of power. Power is the basis of amplifier and its capability plays an important role in sound performance. Optimized power can not only further improve the signal to clutter ratio of the machine, but also present a more peaceful background and more pure and delicate high frequency. Music Space Time has made much efforts on the improvement of sound timbre.

Why every type of amplifier manufactured by Music Space Time has sound performance? That is absolutely not accidental in my opinion after inspection. For example, the output transformer applies imported Z10 iron core and non-oxygen copper insulated wire and it is manufactured with special craft. Its wide range of frequency response between 20Hz and100KHz¡ª1dB is true after my trial and is really difficult to reach. Secondly, the components are selected among many brands so as to apply those with highest C/P. Thirdly, the craft is excellent. Measures are taken to fix large components so as to be prevented from movement. Circuit connection lines outside the printing plate are through metal foot¡­ Finally, only after continuous 24-hour aging, the product can go into the market. All these are the quality guarantee of Music Space Time. As far as Mr. Li disclosed, they are planning to launch front-stage amplifier with high C/P and single-ended output integrated amplifier suitable for salary-earning families. So we are looking forward to that.

Extracted from¡¶New Audiophile¡·- 53 Author£ºTang Daoji