Music Space Time MUSIC-88WE Electronic Tube Audio Power Amplifier

Jiaxing Music Space Time Power Amplifier Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is engaged in the research, development, production and sale of electronic tube advanced stereos. MUSIC-88WE integrated electronic audio power amplifier is a newly launched high-end machine, which follows the Hi-Fi design principle of MUSIC Collection products and has made some breakthroughs in sound performance and producing craft.

The amplifier adopts EF80 from U.K as voltage amplification, 12BH7 as both phase reversal and push, and KT88EH from Russia as push-pull amplification. Its output power reaches 70W¡Á2 and frequency response reaches 13Hz¡ª100KHZ-1db. Total weight is 25kg.

The case is made of 10mm super-thick oxidized silk space aluminum-magnesium alloy materials, which look more firm and elegant. The components are of high grade, such as imported metal-film resistance, advanced capacitors of Black Metal, Phillips, ELNA, KIMBER, M-Cap and RIFA, RS power switch from U.K., ALPS advanced potentiometer and wave-band switch from Japan. The power and output transformer adopt imported Z10 annealing high-silicon-oriented flake and non-oxygen copper insulated wires. Special reeling method is applied to output transformer so that the frequency
response reaches 13HZ¡ª100KHz£­1db. It is more suitable for playing SACD and DVDAudio music software due to true and stereophonic sound performance, powerful low frequency, saturated mid frequency, delicate high frequency and noble timbre. The machine is an excellent product among domestic electronic tube amplifiers.

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