MUSIC 34 I Integrated Electronic Tube Audio Amplifier

This type of electronic tube amplifier produced by Zhejiang Province Jiaxing City Music Space Time Power Amplifier Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is in a luxurious and elegant shape. The bottom plate applies 1.5mmí┴8k of mirror-face stainless steel imported from Japan, hole cutting and shape forming of which is made by digital machine tool. The panel is processed elaborately with thick high-pressure aluminum-magnesium alloy plate and furnished with two pure steel titanium-film buttons like black pearl. So the craft is excellent. The large pure copper gold-film terminal of loudspeaker on the back panel and the RCA socket also add beauty to the whole machine.

Under the principle of simplicity, the circuit of the machine is exquisite. The right and left sound tracks adopt two 6N1 respectively to form SRPP circuit and long-tail phase reversal circuit. The 2nd stage is in way of direct coupling. The end stage applies two EL34B respectively to form typical push-pull circuit with good capability, especially that the frequency response reaches 16Hz-80kHz-1dB. Elaborate design of output transformer and special winding craft enable EL34 to present delicate, noble, bright and attractive timbre it should have to the utmost.

MUSIC-34I has high capability/price ratio and must be a good choice for audio and music fans.