MUSIC-Box Mini Electronic Tube Audio Amplifier (earphone)

The mini electronic tube power amplifier and earphone amplifier launched by Zhejiang Jiaxing Music Space Time embodies simple principle in its outer appearance and inner structure. 12AT7 works as the signal amplification of the first stage and 6P1 works as class-A single-end power amplifier. Simplicity of lines and high-quality of materials greatly improve the total capability of the machine. Compared to the output power of the machine, power transformer and output transformer with super large capacity contributes to the excellent capability of this machine. The output transformer is of wide frequency, little distortion and sufficient power. The shell is made of color steel sheet, which is sprayed with plastics after shape-forming. The panel is made of imported thick aluminum-magnesium alloy plate. The decoration loop and volume button are made of titanium-film pure copper. The machine has cute and exquisite outer appearance like an elegant maiden, who is waiting for you to enjoy her melody. What is worthy of recommendation is that when you put on the stereo earphones, you will be overwhelmed by the melody without any noise and enter a pure music space.