Passing Through Musical Space
Music Space Time music 34i amplifier matching example Author: Le Ran

After reading New Amplifier Worthy of Try written by Mr. Tang Daoji on the last periodical (Nov. 2003), I have some basic knowledge of music 34i of Music Space Time. Mr. Tang has made a brief introduction of the circuit structure and technology features. So I would like to focus on the actual matching of music 34i amplifier so that consumers will have a further knowledge of the machine for reference. Comments on several matching effect are as follows.
CD machine£ºA-10T, ASTY speaker£ºEV030

When A-10T is used as sound source, music 34i pushing EV030 seems to be delicate and soft. The balance sensation of its frequency band is not bad and the analyzing ability of mid and mid-high frequency is relatively good. When September Story is played, mouth shape focus and fruitiness of people voices are more accurate than pushing M700/03. Saturate low frequency resulting in amplification of audio scene and further backward expansion of sound stage can be felt in playing Mclntosh instead of fierce striking force. However, if the CD machine changes to ASTY, mid frequency becomes stronger in singing as following the strengthening of low frequency force. Therefore, music 34i is sensitive to the changing of front and back end equipment and different sound feature will be reflected basically.

CD machine£ºJD100 speaker£ºTrente

Putting music 34i and Trente speaker in one small room and listening to vocal and string music is really enjoyable. Big sound pressure is not needed and such matching can provide good sense of music with pleasant mid and mid-high frequency. The high frequency of EL34 electronic tube is excellent when cooperating with Trente non-baffle tremble. Comprehensive performance of JD100CD machine contributes to that.

CD machine£ºASTY speaker£ºJMIab708

708 speaker is out-dated and has withdrawn from the market for long. But its comprehensive and easy-pushing feature can not be replaced by any other new product. As pressed by ASTY CD, music 34i pushes 708 quite well, no dragging in bump part and no artificial in soft part. Whatever from its sound or price, music 34i is worthwhile. After several matching and audition, music 34i adapts to wide matching. As long as the speaker is above medium sensibility and in a simple structure, music 34i can work well. The level of audio source quality can not be ignored either since it directly affects the performance of music 34i.

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