Brand-new Power Amplifier Worthy of Try
Comment on MUSIC--34I of Music Space Time

Many audio and music fans are fond of the speciality of electronic tube amplifier. Lots of brands in the market, whose output power is between 30 to 40WR, are relatively high for fans although they have excellent quality and timbre. So I have been looking for one type of machine with both good quality and acceptable price and I do find one accidentally.

That is MUSIC-34I integrated amplifier produced by Jiaxing City Music Space Time Power Amplifier Manufacturing Co., Ltd. with 40Wrms*2 of output power, 16-80000Hz1dB of frequency response, above 85dB of signal to clutter ratio is, 4 or 8 output resistance and application of electronic tubes 6N1*4 and EL34B*4.

MUSIC-34I electronic tube integrated amplifier has a typical circuit structure. The first stage applies anode coupling SRPP circuit consisting of dual triodes 6N1 as its front stage amplification. Its high gain and negative feedback of current result in the expansion of frequency response. The second stage applies long-tail phase reversal circuit consisting of dual triodes 6N1. This stage is provided with certain voltage gain. Anode resistance of upper tube is less than that of lower tube so as to reach optimal balanced output. And direct coupling without coupling capacitor is applied to the second stage and front stage, resulting in reduction of phase shift and extension of low frequency response. The end stage adopts standard push-pull of pentode EL34. In order to reach maximum power output, rated bias voltage is applied. Bias voltage value of each tube is adjustable, so it is easy to achieve balance. Negative feedback of loop circuit from the secondary output transformer to the cathode of first stage, including the output transformer, can reduce distortion caused by the transformer and further improve the capability of machine. The output transformer of special design can ensure the capability of such machine.

This machine adopts simple shape, substantial materials and exquisite craft. It has balanced full frequency and the sound is sweet, smooth and saturate. Its sufficient output can push most speakers. So it is suitable for playing all kinds of music and can get good timbre. All the electronic tubes of the machine are domestic. If the tubes are replaced by EL34 power output electronic tube, the timbre will be fully improved, which is worthwhile indeed due to low cost. MUSIC-34I electronic tube integrated amplifier sells around RMB3, 000. Taking its sound performance into consideration, I think the price is over value and the machine is worthy of recommendation.

Extracted from”¶Modern Audio Technology”·98 Tang Daoji