Main Characteristics of Electronic Tube Audio Power Amplifier

It is one hundred years since the electronic tube power amplifier was invented by D. Forest in 1906. Its mild, soft and graceful timbre is popular among overseas and domestic audio fans. Its main characteristics are as follows:
1. Electronic tube audio amplifier is rich in even harmonic. Its timbre is graceful, fruity, mild and vivid. Since listener will not have sense of tiredness after listening long time, it becomes the best choice to release tiredness.
2. Electronic tube is voltage control device. It has high input resistance, good linear and strong ability of micro signal reproduction.
3. Electronic tube audio amplifier has good open loop index, no inter-modulation distortion and good thermal stability.
4. Electronic tube audio amplifier has output transformer, which plays a role in isolating direct current and preventing loud speaker from damage.
5. Electronic tube audio amplifiers of same brand can change different types of electronic tubes from different manufacturers. Fans are fond of enjoying different timbre.
6. Output transformer resistance of electronic tube audio amplifier matches resistance of loudspeaker. There is big reserve power, no digital noise and good transience.
7. Electronic tubes are in various shapes and filament brightness. Amplifier is elaborately designed and manufactured to match them, so it has both aesthetical and function value.
8. Lines of electronic tube audio amplifier are simple and easy for maintenance. It can be used for long and is absolutely over value.
9. The development of science and technology result in enhancement of material and craft of electronic tube, high quality of electronic components and high index of output transformer, which have fully made up for the shortcomings of insufficient low frequency strength and slow speed of electronic tube audio amplifier.
10. The application of single-chip control circuit on electronic tube audio amplifier enables the amplifier more personal, scientific and rational. Electronic tube audio amplifier will surely become a new consuming focus.