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Comment on Music Space Time MUSIC-300B advanced Tang Daoji

I was impressed by the electronic tube amplifier of Music Space Time in the first approach despite that it is a new brand. In the second approach several months later, I found the company has made improvement in timbre. The company aims at pursuing musical representation, which is really a lucky thing for music fans.

To audio fans, directly heated triode single-ended output power amplifier occupies a special position and has high price. MUSIC-300B advanced single-ended output and integrated amplifier is a newly launched type of such electronic tube. The 1st stage of the machine is made by pentode 6J4P and has sufficient excitation voltage, which belong to typical resistance coupling amplification. The aim of taking triode 6N6¡¯s cathode output as impulse is to achieve good resistance matching with end stage, less non-linear distortion and sufficient driving force. Here, the two triodes are not in parallel connection but in direct coupling with the front stage, so the timbre and analysis ability are in an ideal effect. End stage output is made by directly heated power triode 300B-98 and adopts rated bias voltage, so its dynamics will not be restricted. Since measures are taken in the circuit, it can work stably. Little negative feedback of circuit imposed enables the machine to have pleasant timbre. Output transformer with high quality ensures the stability and capability of the whole machine as well as ideal sound. The special design of power circuit provides the basis of good capability of the machine. Actual fidelity output power of the machine is 8.5W¡Á2, frequency response is 12-38000Hz-1dB, signal to clutter ratio is better than 78dB, non-linear distortion is less than 1%, input sensibility is 350mV, input resistance is 100k¦¸, weight is 23kg and size of outer shape is 390¡Á340¡Á220(mm).

300B is famous for its delicate, smooth and transparent sound, especially for its single-ended output. But due to improper manufacture or design, there are shortcomings such as weak low frequency and thin sound often arising. I match MUSIC-300B advanced single-ended output integrated machine with Triangle ¡°Celius¡± floorstanding speakers. After audition of different kinds of music for long, I get a general idea of the machine. The full frequency is relatively balanced and transparent, vibrant, delicate as well as smooth. The sound is saturate and full of sense of air and magnificence. Saturation of its mid frequency, flexibility of low frequency and fruitiness of high frequency exceeds other similar machines, performance of low and mid frequency in particular. The high frequency is suitable for relaying various music and has excellent musical presentation ability.

Due to various reasons, the price of 300B single-ended machine is relatively high. 300B single-ended output integrated amplifier of Music Space Time is sold around RMB5, 500, which is over value taking its craft, materials and sound quality into consideration. Also such price is low among similar products. If you are intended to purchase a directly heated triode single-ended machine, it will bring you surprise.

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