Fresh & Calm, Saturate & Exuberant
Comment on¡°Music Space Time¡± MUSIC£­88WE Amplifier

Music Space Time Power Amplifier Manufacturing Co., Ltd. does not have a long history, but it has constantly pursued the development of product capability and quality, which can be witnessed by its machine launch one after another. The company has a group of professional ¡°fans¡±, who are crazy about audio technology and engaged in the development. They have conducted a large number of experimentations and tests for each amplifier and scientifically choose the best working status. For each type of machine, they consult with many other parties and make revision repeatedly before producing the final version. They also pay much attention to component selection, process quality, product completion, sound quality as well as price, all of which are embodied in their products. That spirit is rare indeed.

MUSIC-88WE amplifier has adopted pentode EF80 as the front stage and part of small resistance cathode resistance circuit voltage negative response as well as relatively small anode resistance so that higher gain and better frequency response will be achieved. Double triode with medium amplification coefficient 12AU7 acts as phase reversal and transformed long-tail pair circuit is coupled with front stage directly, resulting in simplification of circuit structure, enhancement of transient characteristics, relatively large anode current and high power supply voltage, as well as sufficient excitation voltage provided for output stage. The output stage applies low distortion and high efficiency power beam tube KT88, which ensures stable operation due to its standard push-pull way, fixed bias voltage and grid circuit feedback parameter. The machine applies large loop voltage negative feedback inclusive of output transformer, which can enhance the capability and damping parameter of the machine.

High-quality output transformer is the basis of this machine and it ensures quite small phase distortion and wide frequency response. The supply is no special but selected filter circuit parameter has not only sufficient power supply but also fast response speed.

This machine adopts full-printing circuit plate assembly craft with sufficient reliability and high completion. The components are not compromised and even smallest component such as input plug and wiring terminal of loud-speaker are high-quality products. The bottom plate is made by 10mm aluminum-magnesium alloy frame and 4mm aluminum-magnesium alloy plate. The structure is firm and steady and looks elegant.

If the design is improper, the application of KT88 power beam tube as the amplifier of output stage will cause coarse sound, which often happens. As a whole, this MUSIC-88WE amplifier, by way of equipping with ¡°Castle¡± speaker and ¡°Triangle¡± Volante speaker for long and repeated listening to all kinds of music, creates a feeling of fresh, calm, saturate and exuberant due to its good full-frequency balance and proper analysis capability. It has plentiful levels of details, good space sense, vibrant and expansive, dynamic and fierce, and full of music flavor. The bass is elastic and well controlled, the mid is soft, smooth, saturate and transparent and the tremble is mild, bright and natural. It can represent people voice, string, piano and symphony as well as quality of instruments and emotion in the music quite well and also can handle both classic and popular music, suitable for people listening to all kinds of music. Therefore, it occupies a leading position among domestic electronic tube amplifier and is over value in respect of its music representation. Try to listen carefully and you will fall in love with it.

This machine has relatively large capability of speaker matching but is sensitive to power phase. Try to insert the plug into the socket both obversely and reversely and find the right way. KT88 can be replaced with 6550 power tube, the former having fierce timbre and the latter having softer timbre.

Output Power£º70W¡Á2
Frequency Response£º13¡«100000Hz ¡À1dB
Input Sensitivity£º350MV(100k¦¸)
Signal to Clutter Ratio£º£¾85dB
Output Resistance£º4¡¢8¦¸

extracted from¡¶Hi-Fi Audio¡·2005. 1 Author£º Tang Daoji