Music Space Time Music-88MK Amplifier

Music Space Time Power Amplifier Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has not been established for long. It is located at Zhejiang Jiaxing, a city with developed economy and deep cultural foundation. Mr. Li, the proprietor of the company, has been engaged in the audio business for many years and goes in for electronic tubes. In the past ten years, he has collected about ten thousand domestic and foreign famous electronic tubes. Now, Music Space Time consists of a group of professionals, who love stereos and focus on the development of electronic tubes. Music Space Time has become a new amplifier brand in China.

Based on rich experience in stereo business, Music Space Time learns from classic circuits of overseas well-known electronic tube machines and has developed Music Collection electronic tube amplifiers. The company is in small scale at present but their products are excellent. Each type of machine goes through elaborate design and adjustment, so it is suitable to the taste of fans. The company also has exquisite craft. It is not difficult to manufacture products with fine appearance due to high level of processing in China.

Many imported components are applied in Music Collection electronic tube amplifiers, including imported metal-film resistance, MKP audio specialized capacitor, specialized electrolytic capacitor for high-speed audio and potentiometer and power switch from Japan, such as advanced capacitors of Black Metal, Phillips, Elna, Kimber, M-Cap and Rifa, RS power switch from U.K, Alps potentiometer and wave-band switch from Japan. The output transformer adopts imported Z10 annealing high-silicon-oriented flake and non-oxygen copper insulated wires. Special reeling method is applied to output transformer so that the frequency response reaches 13HZ¡ª100KHz(£­1db). Music amplifiers have special sound performance due to repeated optimization of circuits and elaborate adjustment.

There are several types of Music Collection amplifiers and EL34, 300B and KT88 amplifier tubes are adopted. Music-88MK is improved on the basis of 88i and 88WE and is an integrated amplifier adopting KT88 amplifier tube. The shell is quite firm and without any deformation after movement since it is made of super thick aluminum-magnesium alloy plate. The panel is made of 10mm aluminum-magnesium alloy plate and oxidized black silk. Complete blackness of the machines seems to be heavy and grave. There is a round power supply indicator in the middle of panel. Blue-and-purple light and characters of ¡°Music¡± will come up when the machine is power-on. Metal buttons on both sides are plated with titanium.

The front stage of Music-88MK adopts 12AT7 as voltage amplification and medium amplification coefficient double triodes12AU7 as phase reversal. Transformed long-tail phase reversal circuit is in direct coupling with the front stage in order to improve transient response. The design of high plate voltage and plate current is applied to front stage amplification and push circuit so as to provide sufficient push voltage for power amplifier stage. Front stage push 12AT7 and 12AU7 both adopt American GE products, which are the collections of Mr. Li. The application of these tubes will further improve the timbre of the machine.

Power amplification stage adopts exported type of KT88 power tube produced by Shuguang, which can bear 900V high plate voltage. In the past, most domestic KT88 tubes were regarded as ¡°Amplifier Killer¡± since they would burn the plate and even spoil the machine in case of higher plate voltage. So it has been seldom adopted. But the exported type of KT88 produced by Shuguang can reach 900V of plate voltage and keep stability. The plate voltage of Music-88MK is set to be 600V, so high-quality KT88 tube should be applied to such a circuit with high plate voltage in order to ensure the stability of operation. The output stage adopts rated grid bias voltage and standard push-pull so as to get sufficient push ability and dynamic response. The grid circuit parameter is also optimized accordingly so that the working status is stable. Large loop negative feedback is imposed so the frequency and damping capabilities are excellent.

Specially designed output transformer of Music-88MK adopts high-quality materials, which can ensure wide frequency response and low phase distortion. Excellent power circuit also provides sufficient power supply and swift supply response for the machine. As what is mentioned above, components of the machine are all high-quality products. Wiring ends at the back of shell are also advanced CMC products. Thus the machine is characterized by good assembly craft, high completion, satisfactory sound quality and stable working of circuits.

Music-88MK has sufficient push and each track has 70W output power. When it pushes two medium floor-standing speakers, Dynaudio C2 and Mordaunt Short Performance 6, Music-88MK performs well and naturally. The sound stage, dynamics and strength as well as elasticity of bass seem to be pushed by large power amplifier. The sound is concise, direct and with good analytic ability and quick transience. Your will not hear obscure and dim but vivid and vibrant music.

To sum up, Music-88MK of Music Space Time is a successful design of electronic tube amplifier. Its strong dynamics and vibrant sound orientation enable us to enjoy more music denotation and its powerful driving force offers us wider choices of speaker matching. On the other hand, due to its smooth and pliable timbre, sense of beauty is embodied in music. So Music-88MK can present both powerfulness and softness and is really super value among same products around RMB5, 000. If there is any further improvement, we can adopt Russian EH electronic tube and the sound will be fruitier. But that depends on personal taste and system matching.

Relevant Technology Parameters£º
Output Power£º70W ¡Á 2
Frequency Response£º13Hz¡ª100KHz(¡À 1dB)
Output Impedance£º4¦¸¡¢8¦¸

Extracted from¡¶Hi-Fi Stereo¡·2005-3 Author£ºMa Longhui