Music Space Time Music-300B

This is a newly launched 300B electronic tube. The 1st stage of the machine is made by pentode 6J4P and has sufficient excitation voltage, which is typical resistance coupling amplification. The aim of adopting triode 6N6 cathode output as impulse is to achieve good impedance matching with end stage, little non-linear distortion and sufficient driving force. Here, the two triodes are not in parallel connection but in direct coupling with the front stage, so the timbre and analysis ability are in an ideal effect. End stage output is made by directly heated power triode 300B-98 and adopts rated bias voltage, so its dynamics will not be restricted. Little negative feedback of circuit imposed enables the machine to have pleasant timbre. Output transformer with high quality ensures the stability and capability of the whole machine as well as ideal sound. It is the only machine in the test that applies pure circuit plate welding, which can greatly reduce the assembly time of such equipment and efficiently control the cost of product. The left and right filaments of 300B are with independent direct current supply. There are little additional materials used due to its own price but good material such as Red German VIMA is applied.

Sound performance of Music Space Time 300B amplifier exceeds its price. The sound is natural and pleasant, neither too thick nor thin. Average level of each audio element is high, worthy of consideration. Even for works needing big sound pressure or dynamics, this amplifier can present all things with good analysis ability and clear sense of transparency. As to percussion musical instruments and steel pipe, it can present strong sense of drum Punch and metal sense of steel pipe. It has the characteristics of vibrancy, fast speed and good space description ability, seeming to break the wall boundary.

Technology Specifications£º
Output Power£º8.5W¡Á2
Frequency Response£º12-38000Hz-1dB
Signal to Clutter Ratio£º78dB
Non-linear Distortion£º£¬1% Weight£º23kg
Input Sensitivity£º350mV£¬Input Resistance100k¦¸

Extracted from¡¶Audio & Video Front-Line¡·- 35 recommendation of 8 domestic 300B electronic tube power amplifiers