Music Space Time Music-300WE [Wei Jue]
Zhejiang Province Jiaxing City, a well-known city in the southern area, has a number of fans who are interested in music and audio. They established an electronic tube amplifier manufacturer named Music Space Time. The proprietor of the company goes in for electronic tubes due to more than ten years¡¯ experience in audio business and has collected approximately ten thousand famous electronic tubes from China and overseas countries. Based on such business experience, they have carried out researches on classic circuits of foreign electronic tube amplifiers and delved into development of electronic tube amplifiers. Their products are characterized by elegant shape, suitable price, natural and exquisite craft, so they are popular in people who like music and some products are also exported to overseas countries by way of OEM. The mainstream product is named MUSIC Collection, which means people will step into a pleasant musical space in course of listening to the music.

If you often read a Japanese magazine named Radio & Experimentation, you will find that electronic tube amplifier is called ¡°tube machine¡± in Japan. A small number of ¡°tube fans¡± there are fond of outdated small power single-ended output amplifiers. In their eyes, originally produced amplifiers are perfect and the older the better. Take a tube machine for example, triode is better than pentode, directly heated is better than push-pull, pure A is better than AB, small power is better than big power, old tube is better than new one and if the transistor is supplied with power, that will be bad. The traditional saying in Japanese fans is that single-ended amplifier, which is made by WE300B, produces the most wonderful sound in the history, so it is also called ¡°dreaming tube¡±. Therefore, to those who like audio music, single-ended output power amplifier with directly heated triode is in a special status and is also precious. MUSIC-300WE of Music Space Time available to me is exactly an integrated single-ended output electronic tube amplifier, which looks elegant and fitting due to firm bottom plate made by 10mm aluminum-magnesium alloy frame and 4mm aluminum-magnesium alloy plate, silver grey baking painted surface, blast crafted surface on black panel with tiny and even grain, and matching dark golden chrome-plating volume and input selection buttons. There are eight electronic tubes arranged in order on top of the machine. The surface of three round screen boxes is decorated with glistening ice baking paint, in which the power transformer and EI output transformer are installed. Chokes are installed in one black round screen box. On the back plate, MUSIC-300WE provides three sets of line signal input ends, which are enough for usage of fans. Rather high-level of producing craft is shown inside MUSIC-300WE. All the components are installed on one large printing circuit plate, connection lines between the circuit plate and transformer, volume potentiometer input buttons as well as wiring terminal are put in order, and the components applied are of high grade, such as imported metal-film resistance, German WIMAMKP specialized audio capacitor, PHILTPS electrolytic capacitor, as well as power switch and potentiometer from Japan. Audio output transformer adopts imported Z10 audio steel and the non-oxygen copper insulated wire is reeled carefully by the technician. Even the signal input plug and the wiring terminal of loud-speaker are products with good quality. 300B is famous for its delicate, smooth and transparent sound, especially for its single-ended output, but the shortcoming is relatively weak low frequency and thin sound due to improper manufacture or design. At this time, the way of using MUSIC-300WE integrated single-ended output amplifier to push Spendor SP3/IP speaker is on the grounds that this amplifier is provided with distinct characteristics, namely thick, saturate, soft and natural mid bass, and the high frequency is suitable for all kinds of music replay with good musical representation.

After audition for some times, people will find that male and female voices played in MUSIC-300WE are of high quality and the mouth shape and location are rather accurate, exceeding the level of its sales price. Sounds replayed in SP3/IP driven by MUSIC-300WE are pleasant, relaxed, natural and with exquisite rhyme and residual sound in the singing. As same as playing vocal sound, the location of each section in the symphony is also quite accurate. There is no obvious flattening tendency and the sounds are saturate and warm. Once the symphony is played, you will easily feel the reverberation and ambience in the music hall. As to the speed and transparency, the performance of MUSIC-300WE is mediocre due to its back sound stage, dim timbre and ordinary speed. Perhaps for its limited 9W+9W output power, you will not hear strong and violent rhythm and striking force in low frequency driving force, instead, you will get thick low frequency energy, whose musical performance is in harmony with high frequency. Obviously, people will not use 300B on purpose to present dynamics and force but pay more attention to its musical taste.

Generally speaking, the prices of 300B single-ended amplifiers are relatively high. However, MUSIC-300WE, in respect of craft, material and sound, is over value and the price is relatively low among same products. If you are interested in directly heated triode single-ended amplifier, you¡¯d better listen to it and will have big surprise.

Manufacturer£ºMusic Space Time£¨0573¡ª2622551£©
Technology Parameters:
Frequency Response£º12Hz¡ª38KHz¡À1dB
Output Power£º9W¡Á2¡¡RMS¡¡1KHz£¨ClassA)
Signal to Clutter Ratio: >80dB
Output Resistance£º4¦¸ / 8¦¸
Electronic Tube£º6AC7 ¡Á 2¡¡6H6¡Á2¡¡300BEH¡Á2¡¡5U4
non-linear distortion£º1%
Input Sensitivity£º350mV
Input Resistance£º100K ¦¸

Robert Bonfiglio is believed to be not strange for veteran fans. He is an American harmonica player with magic skill and has the reputation of ¡°harmonica playing Kenny G¡±. He received formal musical education and is famous for playing classic harmonica. He is recognized as the king in the field of classic harmonica and also is good at blue music. He was awarded master degree of Manhattan Music College in New York. Since he has excellent playing skill acclaimed by people all around the world, he has cooperated with lots of well-known symphony bands in the world and his performance, whatever famous classic music or emotional music, seems to be natural, pleasant and elegant MUSIC-300WE can not only show Robert Bonfiglio¡¯s splendid skill and intoxicating music perfectly but also present outstanding recording effect, nice timbre and a modeling air sense of his disc.

extracted from¡¶New Audiophile¡·2005-50 Author£ºWei Jue