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¡°Music Space Time¡± Electronic Tube Amplifier Audition for Jiaxing City Audio Fans Author: Wu Jinyu

In recent years, audio market seems to be in depression due to the whole declining economic environment. Many manufacturers flaunt their new technology or pretend their inferior products to be high-end ones in order to promote its brand. But fans like me have to refrain from the desire to update the equipment and do not place orders unless equipments with high capability/price are found. At present, I am busy in seeking power line of back stage. Under the condition that I am not familiar with back stage sound, I temporarily DIY a pair of power lines with two-meter Accord 4010 lines on hand and want to adjust accordingly after having more knowledge of the merits and shortcomings of the system. So I went to the outlet of Jiaxing City Music Space Time Power Amplifier Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in order to purchase two power plugs.

After stepping into the store, I heard a beautiful song, which seemed to be attractive and intrigued my audio cell. I walked closer and found the song was from an integrated electronic tube amplifier, whose shape design is quite different from ordinary audio equipment and looks elegant. At that time, President of Music Space Time said hello to me and expressed his idea of gathering some local veteran fans for audition so as to improve some new products. His suggestion was to my wish and I promised to gather some prestigious fans.

It was on one Sunday afternoon in February 2004 at Music Space Time Outlet. I saw crowds of fans including those from Haining and Jiashan.
The equipments for audition are as follows:
CD gramophone Alpha CD72
Sound box Elac 8070£¨tri-frequency speaker box£©
Signal Line AN-V
Loud-speaker Line Cardinal
Power Line Yincai Onix
Targets for Audition£º
Music Space Time MUSIC-34I advanced integrated electronic tube power amplifier
Music Space Time MUSIC-88I advanced integrated electronic tube power amplifier
Music Space Time MUSIC-6550I advanced integrated electronic tube power amplifier

I always think that problems of small space are much more than that of large space. Only the ¡°balance¡± item is troublesome. So we carry out the audition in a 50 cm2 hall so as to avoid potential blind spot in the courser of test. We changed machines and discs repeatedly in the audition and finally had a general knowledge of the characteristics and performance of the three machines.
Music Space Time MUSIC-34I advanced integrated electronic tube power amplifier. It is my favorite. The machine sounds quite harmonious, elegant and comfortable in the current system. It has no surprising feature of over representation of violent energy but a kind of soft ambience with golden tint, which is shown in Blue Caf¨¦ completely. As a whole, sounds from the machine are connotative and orderly. Even when playing symphony, the sound does not excessively emphasize on audio effect, instead, the live sense of music is fully embodied in its timbre so that people can be attracted easily and naturally. Its balance and analysis are ideal, each timbre is clear enough and the performance of sound stage is wide and stable. In addition, its clean glass appearance is attracting indeed.

Music Space Time MUSIC-88I advanced integrated electronic tube power amplifier. The amplification stage is made by KT88EH electronic tube. Which intrigues me most is the magnificence and strongness when grand symphony is played. To tell the truth, my ears held up several minutes later. The sound I heard was strong, direct, true but with sense of beauty. After changing several discs of different kind, I had a general idea about the machine. I think it is not good at detail analysis and air sense but has excellent performance of grand symphony. You can feel the animated atmosphere and good tension, whose style is just like the ATC loud speaker. To those who live in small space, MUSIC088I is very important for them to listen to the music pleasantly.

Music Space Time MUSIC-6550I advanced integrated electronic tube power amplifier. It focuses on timbre. Compared to MUSIC-88I advanced, it has more delicate timbre and more fluctuation and turning. The piano sound in the music presents softness and transparency. In sound stage of less emphasis on analysis, the machine has the feature of harmony, warmness and saturation, which surely will attract many fans who pursue timbre.

All the above machines are mainstream products of Music Space Time. They share the characteristics of warmness and purity instead of sense of aggression. They are in compliance with ¡°sound absolute value¡± among products at same price and are also at high standard. I appreciate the design of outer appearance. There are three black transformer covers with good quality on the glass shell. One of them is inlaid a golden label, which looks noble and tasty.

I am very glad that a local audio company has been engaged in the Hi-Fi business, especially for its high-quality products. The match of the CD machine and acoustics is not suitable despite that it is a balanced match for sale. But such match only enables me to know the general characteristics and tendency of its sound. As to their potentialities, careful match and adjustment shall be made for long in the future. In addition, I am only interested in sound performance. If you are interested in parameters of the machines, please review the company website:

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