Music Time Space FOCUSRT -8 super high loudspeaker

The performance of this sound box in detail with recurring, gradation and location, largely depends on the high frequency extension and the orientation of the high sound radiation. Since the high frequency sound wave carries a small amount of energy, which is to be reduced greatly in the process of spreading. When using this loudspeaker, the high frequency and the overtone will be better presented. It can make the tone mellower and softer, music detail and musical instrument texture improved and the sound field considerably expanded. Even the harsh feeling of the medium and bass will get an improvement. As far as the sound boxes using the coaxial unit and the horn high sound unit are concerned, as the direction of their high frequency radiation is relatively narrow, with the addition of the super high loudspeaker, the sonic quality of this sort of sound box will be remarkably improved.

¡°Music Time Space¡± is a company specializing in manufacturing electronics tube amplifiers. With years¡¯ of experience, it has gained recognition on the market with its high performance and high cost performance. The recently developed product FOCUSRT-8 super high loudspeaker by this company has a simple and elegant appearance, coated with piano paint. The body configuration is designed to be conducive to the diffusion of the high frequency sound wave. Aluminium-diaphragm unit is applied in FOCUSRT-8. The vibratory components of the aluminium-diaphragm high-tone unit are extremely light while their vocalization ranges are relatively large, hence the big margin of their free vibration. Consequently, the vibratory components feature high dynamic and frequency responding, rare infidelity, quick responding and wide horizontal radiation. Besides, FOCUSRT-8 super high is installed with a frequency division network with four frequencies and a sensitivity adjusting device capable of continuous adjustment, which considerably improve the flexibility in its application and enable users to get the best effect easily according to the different properties of the original sound box.

Extracted from¡¶New Audiophile¡·2006-6 Commerce News