Talking About Super Tweeter And Making Comments Upon
The Focus RT-8 Super Tweeter Of ¡°Music Space Time¡±

Frequency response 16Hz-20000Hz is the frequency people can hear in normal circumstances. The lowest frequency usually be 16Hz, but it is hard to say we can hear or feel such lower of the audio frequency. The highest frequency usually be 20000Hz, but it¡¯s limited by the age. Though 20000Hz is the utmost limits frequency of the sound we can hear, our brains will still be stimulating by feeling of the frequency over 20000Hz. And we will feel more reality from listening to the music by feeling these frequencies. Except the base wave and the second harmonic wave, there will be doubled and more doubled harmonic wave to reperform the real wave shape of the music. If not, the music sound can not be keeping the original sound. So it has reasonable meaning to promote the frequency over 20000Hz of the HiFi set. And there comes the super tweeter.
The speaker of tweeter is developed from 1950s after the W.W.¢ò. First is the horn shape, then is the ball shape, after 1980s comes the ribbon shape of the tweeter. The motion parts of the ribbon tweeter is the aluminium ribbon which is light and thin like paper. It has large size, so as the free motion wave, so the frequency reponse is higher than the half ball shape. Especially the distortion degree is lower and reponse speed is more faster and the sound spreading angle is more wider than the half ball shape. So the sound of the aluminium ribbon tweeter has these advantages: special clear and widely, fast speed, transparent, frequency response over 40kHz, high details. It will provid you a special sense of beauty.

If the reperforming details of a set of audio is not enough and low making point, mostly the reason is the high frequency given not enough and the spreading angle is wideless. Another reason is the power of high frequency reduced quickly in reponse and in the air, so after adding a super tweeter, it will give you more details of music and make it sounds softly and smoothly. The sense of middle and low frequency can also be promoted greatly. It will be much better of the total sound qulity for the horn and concentrated unit speakers whose high frequency spreading angle is wideless.
Music Space Time Power Amplifier Manufacturing Co., ltd is a professional company to make the tube AMP equipments. The company is famous for making high qulity and low price products. Recently, the company developed a super tweeter named RT-8 which is made of aluminium ribbon. It¡¯s my honor to have the first time to listen. Here is some impressions for refrence to the readers.
The RT-8 is covered black piano paint and the elegant shape has advantage to high frequency spreading. The crossover frequencies have12kHz, 16kHz, 18kHz and 20kHz all 4 choices. And attached with sensitivity adjusting switch, the RT-8 can be easily used accompanying the main loudspeakers. But one should be attention with adjusting the switch, don¡¯t overprotruding the effect of high frequencies. The best use should be you can feel it but ignore its existence. In other words, the super tweeter is not aloud the high frequencies but prolong high frequencies. Generally, you should try the high crossover point first, then the next. About the sensitivity adjusting, you should try the lowest point first, then the next. Be patient, focus on the best point.

We use RT-8 accompanying ¡°Focal¡± Electra-1027Be and ¡°Tannoy¡± Edinburgh to listen. It gives us extremely deep impression. It sounds great especially on the feeling of reality and the spreading very widely.
The super tweeter RT-8 has the sound of smooth, active, moveable and very elegant. There is a super attractive gloss and beauty in it and it¡¯ll give you a feeling of finding everything new and flesh. And you will find the sound ground changed to very wide. The detail of music and the transparence is also changed better. More real, more exciting and more comfortable sense gives you new experience. If you have had this kind of experience, you would have felt unwell without it. Compare to the sound quality it is very cheep to get HiFi. The TR-8 is worth to recommend to HiFi lovers who have SACD players and LP players. Of course if your audio source were low grade, the experience is also discounted. Good things should accompany good system.

Frequency responses: 1.3kHz- 40kHz
Reduce specification: -6db/oct
Reponse choice: 12kHz, 16kHz, 18kHz, 20kHz
Output resistance: 7¦¸
Sensitivity: 95db/w/m (highest)
Size: 155x220x120 mm
Weight: 2kg (every one)

Digested from¡¶ HIGH FIDELIITY¡·2007.3¡¡Writer: Tang Dao Ji