Music Space Time 300B.2WE Tube Amplifier

The new brand of Music Space Time has been set up steadily in China and abroad after several years of development. Through several times of improvement, the Music Space Time tube amplifier has been changing better either outer look or sound quality. It has tremendous competition to the other famous products in the Hi-Fi market. For example, this model of 300B.2WE tube AMP, neither its smooth metal made cover nor beautiful looking, you cannot say it¡¯s not wonderful. If you have listened its dreaming sound, you would totally believe why it is called the beautiful name of Music Space Time.

In the range products of their tube power AMP, Mk series belongs to the normal improvement products, WE series belongs to the high class products. The new model of 300B.2WE is the high class improvement product, so it also can be called special edtion tube power amplifier. The WE series products are very special on design then, for example, all the tubes are imported high quality products, special choosen electronic compoenents as Germany M-Cap audio capacitors, UK made RS power switch, high class Alps volume switch and multi-biasing adjust switch, etc are used in the key points. This new model of 300B.2WE is more precisely made on design then. 12 mm thick aluminum-magnesium alloy plates are processed by EUROMAC digital equipment with high quality and precision throughout the course. Two giant switches are placed on the plate symmetrically. The both side of the plate are arc form. It looks beautiful and elegant. In-side, the electronic compoenents are even better than ever so as WIMA, RIFA, M-Cap and KIMBER. Electrolytic capacitors adopt Black Metal, Siemens, Philips and ELNA with high-speed electrolysis. Resistances are metal-film products from Japan, America and Taiwan. Wires for internal signal apply imported Teflon silver-plating lines. Input and output plugs are highly pure gold-plating copper and transparent covers are inlaid on the output plugs. From these we can see the factory¡¯s making is really very carefully and precisely.

On the power and output transformers, they adopt imported specialized audio selenium steel sheel Z10. Multi layer and special wheeling make the frequency response reaches 20Hz-100kHz(¡À1dB).

On the design of circuit board, 300b.2WE is more improved to get better quality. All the tubes are used by Russia made high class products. In the first class, 6J4P is replaced to 6§¨4. And in the second class, 6N6 is replaced to 6H6. The power amplifying tube is used by high class EH series. 5U3 tubes is stimulating to support power to 300B. The first class 6§¨4 pentode is used as resistance amplifying to get enough stimulating voltage. The second 6H6 triode is used to pull-push amplifying which is for lowing inside resistance and better fit to the last class resistance. This class is not parallel used with the both triode but direct used with the preamp for more sound. The last class used 300B EH tubes for pushing. Using biasing and negative feeding adjusting technology to get multi negative feeding and reducing resistance. For testing, the amp output power is 9w x 2, frequency reponse reaches 12Hz-38KHz(-1dB), S/N ratio>80dB, Distortion and noise<1%.

Power supply of this AMP is also improved. It uses relay to supply high voltage power to protect tubes. This can make tubes long life using.

This amp is well constructed, obviously it¡¯s a regular manufacturing product. The Music Space Time has been developing fastly in these years. In my memory, when the factory just setup early, the owner Mr.Lee showed me the model sample of KT88 tube amp, I was sorry to its rough shape though it was just a testing sample. Though he had been working in Hi-Fi business many years and he had high music accomplishment and electronics technology, Mr. Lee was very modest. I gave him some advices, Mr.Lee improved it very soon. After a very short while, his products were agreed and admited by the public included some authorities in Hi-Fi industry. Now the design of his products are mature either in sound or outer shape. We can see easily the factory has a deeper Hi-Fi culture from the model of 300B.2WE.

The 300B tube¡¯s sound has a very special mellow, smooth and transparant characteristics. But if you want to let any 300B tube AMPs make out this kind of sound, it¡¯s not so easy. Some famous 300B tube AMPs as Cary and Jadis have this kind of characteristics, but there are not so much. This model of MUSIC 300B.2WE is one of the so less successful design products in the market. The sound characteristics is fine and smooth, mellow and transparant. The control of low frequency and the balance is very to the high class 300B tube AMPs, you will say it is not very mellow, but it¡¯s more focus on transparant and dynamic response. You can think it is more active but short of overflow emotions. I believe this kind of characteristics is the aid of new tube AMP design. To surmount the old classic slow characteristics, then to produce a new vivid audio image. It¡¯s the original color of the music.

In the studio room of our magazine publisher, we used MUSIC 300B.2WE pushing Dali Euphonia loudspeakers for testing. We felt the AMP had a better power control. Euphonia perfomed natural and smooth. Before this kind of arrangment, we used 300B.2WE pushing Dynaudio C2. we found it would distortion if the volume was over 12 Clock. Sound pressure was so weak that you can only listen some sonatas and voices. It was hard to listen to the symphonies. After changing to the sensitivity 89dB Dali Euphonia, the speakers performed huge dynamic nusic easily. Listening to the Rhapsodies performed by Stokowski and his orchestra, the performance is truly balanced. Thick and deep low frequency played by the strings showed majesty momentum. Playing strings and human voices were the best to 300B tube AMP. David Oistrakh¡¯s violin and Sarah Briteman¡¯s songs were fine, smooth and bloom. It¡¯s a wonderful experience.

The most huge improvement of the 300B.2we is the power control and instance response to their previous models. Its presence is more detailed, liquid, vivid, active and attractive. The sound is either mellow or dynamic.

To its design and sound quality, the sell price of over 10000RMB is reasonable. When today the materials as Copper and Aluminum are walking high price, a piece of genuim goods at a fair is worth to own. The 300B.2WE tube amplifier should be noticed by the Hi-Fi lovers.

Some Datas:
Frequency Response: 12Hz~38kHz ¡À1dB
Output Power: 9W X 2 @1kHz(Class A)
S/N Ratio: ¡µ80dB
Distortion and Noise:¡´ 1%
Output Resistance: 4¦¸/ 8¦¸

Digested from¡¶HIGH FIDELITY¡·2007.9 Writer: Wang Jun