The Attracting Sound of the Music-88.2WE Tube Power Amplifier

The longhistoric Zhejiangprovince is always thought as a beautiful land where elegant and charmingbeauties¡¯ temperament is attracted by so many men of letters. Recently a tubepower amplifier of Music-88.2WE made by Jiaxing MusicSpace Time Tube Power Amplifier corperation gave methis kind of impression of either the shape or its sound.

Thesteady and smooth shape

The firstimpression of the Music-88.2WE was very steady and generous to me. The coverwas used aluminium structure by silk-pulling making. Exceptfor the bottom and the upper board, all the boards were made by 10 mm thickpure aluminium material. The upper board was used 2 mm thickpure aluminium board. On the front board there werethe volume knob and the inputs seletor. They werearranged symmetrically. The knob was handled by sand-making. Itlokked very elegant and fine. The power switchand the power indication light were just at the middle line of the front boardwhich looked very balanced. The black covers of the transformers¡¯ craft was feeling fine. The shinning piano paint added a smoothfeeling to this equipment. In a word, the shape of the Music-88.2WE was a styleof either steady or smooth.

Themature of the design

At the part ofthe preamplifier, there was a pentode tube EF80 for amplifying the first classfor one channel sound. A triode tube 12AU7 wasresponsible for sending signal to one channel sound of the power amplifyingpart of the KT88. This is a mature design for making AMP by KT88. at the inner of the equipment, it used painting circuitboard to connect the components. The quality of the making looked fine. The electrolyticcapacitors were used 630v import components for audiograde. They made the power tubes working on the steady condition. All theelectronic tubes of the AMP were made in the Russia . Nowthey could be seen in many tube AMPs of China andoverseas. These kinds of tubes sounds fine and the prices are acceptable. Theother function of the protection circuit was used to lengthen the using life ofthe tubes. So the design of the Music-88.2WE had a higher degree of accomlishment.

The loose and comfortable vocal of male and piano

The testingstarted from the ¡® JOHNY XU, WHO IS THE GREATEST LOVEIN LIFE¡¯. When the first song was playing, it looked as if the singer was juststanding at the middle of the two loudspeakers. The sound had a charmingthickness. It gave us a special glammour of malevocal. The sound of piano in this song was not only sparkling and crystal-clearbut also fuul of elasticity, moist and mellow. Itgave us a sense of comfort both visually and by touch. It made the music morevivid and clearer. It also let me want to know the brand of the piano, Steinwayor Yamaha?

Thebeautiful moving sound of the female

The ¡®ROSSINIMARIA BAYO¡¯ (E8853) published by ASTREE is a record which is thought as rich ofart. The effect of the record is belongs to Hi-Fi butit is hard to reproduction well. Many AMPs will makethe high frequency sharp and thin. A nd some equipments will the nobalsound changed to fill of invasion. Under the Music-88.2WE¡¯s playing, I wasamazed to find the Maria Bayo sounded sweet, rich andchoosy. It is junoesque asif the sound from heaven! The sound became so lovely and moving!

Thesatisfying speed and power

Also in the ¡®ROSSINIMARIA BAYO¡¯, the standard orchestra¡¯s performing was fillof content and form. On condition of playing the other tube amplifier, we needadjust the volume carefully, otherwise, it wouldchange worse. But when I used the Musi-88.2WE to play the CD, I could not findthis kind of problem. It looked as if it had endless power. The speaker, threeways large loudspeaker, became be pushed very easily. The speed and the controlwas satisfaction. When I listened the clearer music, Iwould wonder if I was using a transistor amplifier.

Thesuccessful tube amplifier

According tothe reproduction by the amp, we can think the Music-88.2WE has both advantageof the tube and transistor amplifier. And avoiding ingeniouslyby the disadvantage of two. It¡¯s a successful design. It¡¯s worth for meto recommend it to all the readers.

Digested From¡¶AV FRONT LINE¡·2008.03 Writer:Chen Xing Heng