Enjoy the Charm of the 6th Anniversary tube Amplifier of Music -300B.3WE

Though the brand of Music Space Time has been set up only for 6 years, its progress is seen by the public. The tube amplifiers are their main products. No matter the outside craft or the inside technology of their products have been upgrade greatly to a higher level.
At present, there are a dozen of models in their product range including preamplifier, power amplifier, integrated amplifier, and headphone amplifier, etc. In these range, they not only absorb and use the classical circuit of tube technology, they but also choose imported high quality components as their products¡¯ main parts. So their products are very popular with the national audiophiles.
For celebrating the 6th anniversary of the corporation, they introduce a special edtion amplifier, the 6th anniversary tube amplifier of Music-300.3WE. I has always got strong interesting of the so called dreaming bulb, 300B amplifier, when the sample was sent to our magazine publisher¡¯s listening room, I initiatively applied for testing this model.

The precisely fine outside craft

when I saw the actural model, the first impression was the shape design and the craft was more finer than its elder model. The cover abandoned silver aluminum-magnesium alloy plates but used black hard iron plates which were handled brightly. The connections of the face and the the side boards were still used arc shape handling. Comparing to the older model, this model obviously looked more elegent and better. It looked more more noble, smooth, and worthable.
The face board was simple and balance. There was a power switch, an indication light, and a distinct logo in the middle front board. Input selector was on the right and a same size volume knob was on the left. Basically it was the module structure of the tube amplifier of Music Space Time. But I still felt this special edtion was more smooth and precise in details.

The spare no cost inside design

It¡¯s really a so called spare no cost design as a limited special edtion. Its transformer used high quality, high efficiancy, low EMI, low impedance O model. They adopt imported specialized audio selenium steel sheel Z10 made by Nippon steel corporation. Multi layer and 4N OFC insulated wires wheeling make the frequency response reaches 12Hz-38kHz(-1dB).
Except for the better transformers, the circuit was advanced too. It used 70¦Ìm thick imported double copper foil circuit board. The layout and the design was more sciencely reasonable to make the S/N over 90dB. It used many imported audio grade components including powerful NKNP capacities and multi-layer silver foil capacities to make the sound performance more balance and HI-FI. Further more, it used Japan TKD audio grade volume switch and USA Bourns precise NKNP bias adjust switch. The operation was more comfortable and precisely.

The selected imported paired tubes

The Music-300B.3WE was a single-ended integrated amplifier. Its tubes were all come from Russia. The preamp part used Soviet Union antique products. The power tubes part used EH 300B. All the tubes were through strictly select and 24 hours run-in. it provided a faith of long time using for the customers.
Let¡¯s see. The first class part used two 6§¨4, the second class part used two 6H6. For obtaining more pure sound, the push class and the preamp class used direct power ampfying. The last class used triode tubes 300B EH. They used no-adjust bias and MLF to reduce the tube inside impedance to obtain higher DAMP. The current surport part to the power tubes used two 5U3. To lengthen the tube lives, it used relays.
In the interconnections, Music-300B.3WE used America Teflon SPC wire, UK CMC high grade input and output products. There were a tube protect cover and an audio grade power cord as the attachments for the special edtion. The corporation also declared that every buyer have 2 years of free use warranty.

The thin lines and moving tone

I prepared two bookshelf speakers to test the amp. They were Dynaudio DM2/7 and HO¡¯s LS3/5a. The reference CD player used DA&T CD1. The interconnect and the speaker cable used Synergistic Research products.
Normally, the single-ended 300B tube amp had limit output power but more colourful tones. As I used it to push the LS 3/5a to listen a piece of female vocal, I felt the thick smooth and lustrous that could be only heard in tube machine. The top end of the high and low frequency was satisfactory. Especially the high frequency was felt ultimate pleasant and relaxed. There was a special fine feeling when I listened the songs by Teresa Teng in the 15th anniversary of Teresa Teng. Teng¡¯s breath was natural and vivid. I was deeply touched by this feeling.
When I changed the speakers to the DM 2/7, I found there was another crystal-like bright in high frequencies. To listen to the percussion-based music in FIM Percussion Fantasia, I heard the brass was full of metal bright. The smallest details were very rich. The surplus sounds of the triangle and gong spread from centre to the edge of the sound stage continuously. It sounds very clear and transparant. It showed the amp had very high reproduction of the micro dynamics. Adjusting fit sound to listen to the violin concerto of Mozart, the violin showed a dinified and elegant charm. There was no any feeling of nervers but excellent and natural.

The fine dynamic and sound stage reprodution

Though I was afraid that per channel 8.5w output power play huge dynamic and stage works could do nothing first, I was shocked by the sound when the amp was driving the Dynaudio DM2/7. when playing the Reference Recordings 30th anniversary Sampler, a huge sound stage was steady and every instrument was ranged precisely. The stage ratio and balance could be called fine.
Don¡¯t be thinking that 300B.3WE could only bring out the dreaming tone, its low frequency power couldn¡¯t be looked down too. When playing Yim Hok-Man Master of Chinese Percussion, the drum music could not shake the heart though, the sound still full of explosion power. The drum points were clear. The lower bound was deep. Momentum was vivid and incisive. You had to esteem the actural strengh of the design.

Catch the oppotunity, no regret

The good design can let 300B amp make beautiful moving sound. The better design can even make transient and control power. Seldom the music background is silent. The music lines are more vivid.
According to the factory, the Music Space Time Music-300B.3WE amplifiers are only made 80 quantities. Every product has a serious number and no remade. Meanwhile, a fine rockcrystal amp model craft is given to the buyer as a collecting gift.
From the price of RMB 9500 to see, the 300B.3WE is really worthable to get such a kind of sound reproduction. If you are a 300B tube fan, you should listen to it if you have spare time. Remember, catch the opportunity. You¡¯ll not regret.

Extracted from¡¶AV FRONT LINE¡·2008-9 Author£ºKONG XIANG JUN