Jiaxing Music Space Time Tube Amplifier Making Co., LTD set up in 2002. That they so name the brand may want to let the products enter into the music of space and time.

Fine and Elegant Outshape

The new model of MUSIC-88.3WE integrated tube amplifier is an upgrated product from the favourable comment MUSIC-88.2WE. The outshape is basically keeping the old design. Except the upper and the bottom, all the covers include the face,back,and side boards are made of pure aluminium which are 10mm thick.. The boards also through drawbench and black anodic oxidation handling. The four boards¡¯ joints uses the same thick alminium boards with arch handling. The upper is also made of 2mm aluminium board. The volume knob is at the left side of the face board, the selecter is symmetrically at the right side. The power switch and a small indication light are just at the perpendicular middle line of the face board. All the outshape looks fine and stable. The covers of the AC power transformer and two output transformers are handling by high gloss black piano finish. The handcraft is fine, smooth and worth to praise.

Traditional Design

At the preamplifier part, every channel uses a pentode tube EF80 as the first class amplifying. Using a double triode tube 12AU7 working on paraphase class to send the signal to the power class. If you want to listen the different tune color of the AMP, you could change the tubes. There are many famous brands of the models in the market. From the name of the MUSIC-88.3WE, we can see this AMP used KT88 as the output tube. The tubes on this model are America and Russia united developing Svetlana KT88. Because they working on the pull-push constructure, there are totally 4 KT88 tubes in the AMP. All the tubes have been precisely selected and matched with device. The input capacitor of the power tube adopt withstand voltage 630v imported audio grade products whose current leakage is very below the standard to give the stablization of the working condition to the power tubes. The power part uses traditional classical circuit. It¡¯s a high cost way to use rectifying valves tubes and chocking coil. But it¡¯s the way that many experienced tube fance believe the most primary constructure of the tube amplifier. After the power on, the low voltage will preheat the filament first, when the delay time is got, the relay will connect high voltage to the power tube as normal working. This way could protect the tubes to the full life. From this way, we can see the stablization is the guidance engineering of the product. The chocking coil and the output transformers are all their own products. Whatever the handcraft or the sound quality are all get high standard. The loudspeaker teminals on the back have two impedance of 8¦¸ and 4¦¸. The ouput power is 50w.
All the terminals of the amplifier are high grade gold-plating products. They give the fine contact of the cables and have long using lives. The internal circuit layout and the making craft is fine too. All the components are selected precisely. On the components connection, the MUSIC-88.3WE doesn¡¯t use trellis-work welding, but uses PWB. Though the signal path will be longer, the making process would be more simple. Further more, it would kill the occasion mistaken of handy welding and get the high consistency. The stablization and the quality are guaranteed too. From this choosing we can know the MUSIC-88.3WE is a chasing quality and stablization mature product with traditional design. ?

The Melodious Sense with Strong Feeling

To test the AMP, I used ARCAM FMJ CD17 cdplayer. The speakers were Dynaudio X12 whose high transparency and sensitivity would let the MUSIC-88.3WE show its ability fully. First I used the attached power chord to test. After a round, I thought the amplifier was good at reperforming human voice. Such as the original movie soundtrack ¡° City of Angel¡±. I was appreciating Sarah Mclachlan singing the ¡°Angel¡±. Sarah Mclachlan is called as one of the most gifted and acclaimed singer-songwriters of her generation. She had launched the highly popular Lilith Fair tour. In Spring 1998 the motion picture featured "Angel". It became the No. 1 album on the chart. More than five months after the movie disappeared from the theaters, remained firmly entrenched among Billboard's top 40 albums. This soundtrack earned quadruple-platinum status. This song had been reperforming by Lin Fan and Li sheng Jie in Taiwan. Even the famous record singer Westlife sung the ¡°Angel¡±.
In 1999, Paul McCartney heard this song and let him miss Linda so much to tears. Using MUSIC-88.3WE playing the song, it added endless charm of the singer¡¯s deep feeling and charm of a simple piano accompaniment.
Flank Sinatra, an American singer, actor, program anchorman, and record owner. Beginning his musical career in the with and, Sinatra became a successful solo artist in the early to mid-1940s, being the idol of the "." His professional career had stalled by the 1950s, but it was reborn in 1954 after he won the.
He signed with and released several critically lauded albums (such as, and). Sinatra left Capitol to found his own record label, (finding success with albums such as, and), toured internationally, was a founding member of the and fraternized with celebrities and presidents, including. Sinatra turned 50 in 1965, recorded the retrospective, starred in the -winning television special, and scored hits with " and ".
Then I changed an upper grade power chord to the amplifier. Under the same equipments to listen Flank Sinatra and Sarah Mclachlan, the sound quality was promoted obviously. The LF was more stable and solid. The control was more strong. The sense of listening was better too. The original tough HF was soften. The detail was vivid and smooth too. It¡¯s like drink new red wine after using sober up device. The tune colour of the MUSIC-88.3WE was really good. Especially the pure handcraft and the worthable price. Compare to some DIY machines in the same price, I would be happy to recommend it. Not only for its service, but for its quality.

The Conclusion

The Music Space Time MUSIC-88.3WE integrated tube amplifier used higher grade components and materials to make . The handcraft is fine. The turnout couldn¡¯t called large. If you like tube amplifier, please don¡¯t miss to listen to it.

Extracted from¡¶AV FRONT LINE¡·2009-5 Author£ºWei Jue