The MUSIC-300B.3WE is the same single-ended design tube amplifier. Though output power was only 8.5 w, I felt the strengh was large enough. I can say like this, most of people would not think its power was so less, if I don¡¯t tell you the real specification first. Because under normal situations, it can bring you the feeling of strong and powerful. Does the single-ended design make it so? I have no answer. But really the MUSIC-300B.3WE ¡®s tune color was more like Ming Da MC-300A SE, warm, full, and sweet.
Except the charming taste, this amplifier seemed having the transparency and power else. Pushing Dynaudio X12, the speaker¡¯s original characteristics of clearity and analysis would not be coverd by it. On the contrary, the AMP¡¯s transparency was expressed finely. Playing jazz music, the speed of the drum striking was not very fast, but vivid. Even I could felt a little aftershock of the striking. It added warm and soft to the X12. When the piano went to the saxphone playing solo, the player¡¯s breathe and sputa could heard clearly. The slight shaking was hard to play, but MUSIC-300B.3WE made it. Even the extream HF was hard to be sharp. Playing soprano, the voice couldn¡¯t be called natural. I wonderd whether the X12 was too mild or not. The sound was less magnificent turely. Playing symphony music, the mall output power MUSIC-300.3WE could be comment better especially in its control to the speaker. Speed was fast. Sound field would not collapsed even in melody climax. It¡¯s seldom to happen in such a small output power amplifier.


Listening music by the class a single-ended MUSIC-300B.3WE gave me a feeling of relaxation. Fine design not only brought vivid sound to music, but also showed transient response and control ability itself in such a small output power AMP. It¡¯s really seldom. The background was silence too. So the music strias was vivid. In the expression, the control to the speaker gave me deep impression. Low frequency and dynamic could be called strong.
In all fairness, this set was really worthable. You just needed to put the speakers in suitable positions carefully and patiently. The sound would be exciting you. And you would get valuable experience of playing. It¡¯s helpful to promote your audio knowledge. So it¡¯s a good combination for who wants to cross the threshold. Using it to perform vocal, emotion was expressed naturally and soberly. Sensation was clear and vivid. And it kept the enough thickness and details in music. The singer¡¯s breathe was vivid too. Mouth point was accurate. The player¡¯s form and expressions could be seen. It gave me fine enjoyment.
Though this set was not a expensive system, it gave me a very comfortable and melodious feeling of music. The total amount price of the set is less BMB20000. What your demand is enough including nice details, even huge dynamic, and fine transient response. It can almost play every kinds of music. It fits the audiophiles who want to listen many kinds of music and demand a lot.

Extracted from¡¶AV FRONT LINE¡·2009-5 Author£ºWei Jue¡¢Jian Ping