Though MUSIC-300B.3WE accompanied Dynaudio X12 could be called nice, I thought only when it met RUARK Sabre ¢ó, the MUSIC-300B.3WE¡¯s performance was more complete and wonderful. Maybe the loudspeakers was come from U.K., it owned a kind of natural beauty originally, this set listened more harmonious and enjoyable. It made a wonderful balance in the aspects of LF, analysis, shock power, warmth, sweet, and moisture. Playing jazz, whatever the striking power, transient speed, or small details of the instruments of accompiment was not absent. The drum¡¯s striking showed more fuller and deeper. Every strinking not only brought me exciting, but also showed taste itself. You couldn¡¯t help tasting again and again. First the piano¡¯s playing was not only vivid, fast, and melodious, but also poccessing smooth and a kind of alluring sweet. Then the saxphone came out, the voice was deep and poccessing a little bit of gravity. The show had a high density that let me think I was in the real show field. This set let me feel I was so close to the saxphone than any other accompanying sets. How could be happened so? Perhaps this set got much full MF, LF, and remarkable density. It gave me a feeling of using floor stand loudspeakers.
Playing soprano, it showed wonderful balance again. The voice was fine and smooth, wild and full of vivid tactile sensation. This kind of feeling was really different from the tactile sensation of metal. Playing symphony, because the sensitivity of the loudspeaker was higher than Dynaudio X12, and the amplifier had higher DAMP too, the show was more powerful than before. Though it still couldn¡¯t be called of great momentum then, I felt a illusion that I was using an over 50w output power amplifier. The drum and the horns had thick bedding. The sound field was wild. Even as great dynamic came, it showed calm and unflustered. You couldn¡¯t find any chaos. In such a near 60m2 listening room, a small output power amplifier and a pair of bookshelf speakers could have this kind of effect. What could we demand anythig?


The set of MUSIC SPACE TIME MUSIC-300B.3WE single-ended class A tube amplifier and RUARK Sabre ¢ó had fine and smooth sound. But their low frequency almost made listener¡¯s adrenalin up. When music was going to intense situation, there was a feeling of ¡° shaking heaven and earth¡±. It could make this kind of shock effect due to the reasons except from the ability of the speakers, there was another main factor of the MUSIC-300B.3WE. For a price just over RMB 8000 class A tube amplifier, it was absolutely worthable. Many audiophiles would think 300B tube amplifier lack of power, dynamic. And some articles said that 300B was a weak tube though having beautiful tune color. But I saw myself it poccessed such an ability of control and transient reaction.

When MUSIC-300B.3WE was getting warm, LF was surging greatly and majestic. It made me very exciting. The energy of HF and MF was enough too. The sound thickness of this set was just right. This kind of thickness was not only in quantity but also in quality. The power was different from some powerful transistor amplifier having that kind of power of destroying everything. The MUSIC-300B.3WE looked like a Kongfu master. It was good at internal power, pusing and pulling all had rhythm and lingering charm. It was not so easy that the sound was so strong, it still kept the crystal HF of 300B and a kind of tube color. We might not contribut all to MUSIC-300B.WE, Sabre ¢ó showed wonderful in this set too. The string was bright, the piano was transparent. LF tenaeity was enough, voice tactile sensation was strong. In a word, if your listening room was suitable, this set could bring a big symphony orchestra to it.

Extracted from¡¶AV FRONT LINE¡·2009-5 Author£ºWei Jue¡¢Jian Ping