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The function of power filter in AV system is supplying purer electric current to the AV system. Every audiophile may buy a piece of this kind of thing if one gets many equipments for a long time. The trouble is most of this kind of power filters in the market have side effects when they work. Many filters are just changing the sound colour. Really good power filter would have obvious effect but no side effect. But this kind of good equipments are either less or expensive.
The Music Space Time tube amplifier manufacturing company is famous to make Hi-Fi tube amplifiers. This time they put a new product on the market. It¡¯s MST Focus-08MK audio/video system power optimization center. It still belongs to a kind of high grade power box. But its price is much higher than the same size products. why do they put it on so high price on the market? What kind of technology they put it in?
According to the official websit of Music Space Time, Focus-08MK has these characteristics:

  1. Using advanced crystal damping and amorphous and nanocrystalling alloys filtertechnology to avoid any RFI and EMI more efficiency.
  2. Using Japan Mitsubishi over current cut protection system and dual SPD ( surge protecting device) technology to control wave gushing caused by thunder or any other interference.
  3. Using high purity OFC wire inside connection and eight quality American standard outlets to ensure good contact with plug.
  4. Using backlight non-magnetic big indicator voltage display to monitor the power situation at any time.
  5. Supplying 4000W no pollution power continuously make sure hi-fi system has an ultimate performance to provide the extremely listening pleasure.

We can see they still like to put high grade compoenents in it. It¡¯s their tradition. Though it could supply 4000W power, I let the powerful amplifier ( DUSSUN V8i and TONWINNER AD-2SE) directly use the filter. The sound stage had no narrowing. The LF power was not reducing. Bounce got stronger. So the maximum power supplying is real. The second effect was silence and clean background. The sound was purer and flesh. The other effect was HF more soften. Voice got more euphonious. It could let some bad sound records more agreeable.
I have used many high grade power filters. So far, good products are still less to see. If your system has some fult hard to solve, you may try it. Maybe this kind of a little improve is your earnestly pursuance.

Digested from¡¶Hi-Fi & Home Theater¡·2010.04 Writer:Xiao Y